Program Requirements for Certified Ombudsman 

The role of the Ombudsman is very important and we understand the challenges you face while performing your advocacy duties.  To this end, it is the responsibility of this office to make sure that we provide you with the resources and education to assist and support you in order to manage these challenges and meet the objectives of our program which are:

Resident Visitation

Certified Ombudsman are required to spend two hours per week in their assigned facility. This can be done over the course of one or two days.  Our volunteers are most effective when they are recognizable as the Ombudsman at their facility.  In order for you  to establish trust with residents they need to see you.


Certified Ombudsman are required to submit a monthly activity report which documents all time donated to the program. Additionally, Certified Ombudsman are required to submit a complaint form for any issue they investigate and resolve.  Investigation can be accomplished by means of observation, interview and/or record review.

Continuing Education

Certified Ombudsman are required to attend (4) continuing education programs per year.